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Medfem Clinic, located in Sandton, Johannesburg. South Africa, is a specialist medical centre of excellence providing expert services in various disciplines of medicine mainly related to the care of women and the management of infertility. World Class specialists use state of the art equipment to perform surgery including Infertility related examinations and treatments,Gynaecological operations using mainly "Key-hole" (laparoscopic) techniques and Cosmetic (Plastic) surgery.


DR J. Van Schouwenburg
DR W. Vickers
DR J. Van Rensburg
DR A. Rodrigues
DR R. Janse van Rensburg
DR R. Russouw
DR R. Nicholson
DR G. Naylor
DR F. Elemva
DR P. Koll
DR F. Hayward
DR E. Divanovic
DR N. Clark
DR P. Cameron
DR J. Baker

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